• IraqePay is helping Iraqi ecommerce webistes to sell 

    electroically and smoothly.

    get an exposure for more people interested to buy online 

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  • IraqePay is a easy way to send money online

    you can send money to a friend on relative with a click

    all you need is both parties to have IraqePay account 

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  • IraqePay is a complete solution for your online payments. IraqePay is an

    digital currency payment processor, so anybody with valid email

    address will be able to send and affordable

    without need for credit card or bank account

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Signing up for an Iraqepay account is free and lets you enjoy paying online for online shop sites 

Once you enter your scratch card Number, you will be able to purchase from many websites for ecommerce 

You like a service or product in one of our partner online stores, then buy it!


if you wish to resell iraqepay cards, please contact us.

you can use your IraqePay credit on below online stores:

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iraqepay is prepaid cards, where you can use to do online shopping, send and receive money between friends and families